Facts about Ecommerce That Will Blow Your Mind.

E-commerce industry makes more than $ 5 Trillion in sales of 2019!

According to expert emarkets are sale online goods and services is hope that eclipse $5 Trillion in 2019.

This mind-counting of statistic represents a growth of more than $ 700 billion from sales in 2018 to nearly $3 trillion in gross revenue. What really impacts on sale are expected to approach $ 7 trillion by 2021.

Find short comparison between them.

Know your customer’s interests in eCommerce.

1.  Seventy percent of shoppers in the world is stopping buying from online stores when he/she experience that poor customer service now.

2.  When you try to solve your customer’s problems, always give your time to customers and answer it effectively, or you can make answering immediately- if you don’t have a solution on time. You decide that 20% of customers would recommend a famous brand name.

3.  And the other end 40% of customers should recommend a brand name that provides an effective and responsive.

4. Eighty-five percent of more than 6000 customers said they needed some types of support during their online shopping.

5. Share your trust in old customers and give exiting offers also, and make new customers make your eCommerce trust.

Free shipping of goods and services

There are several ways of proving and attracting online shoppers, when its offering promotional discount codes, creating BOGO(Buy One Get One) sales, or simply share slashing the prices of goods are depends on the value of sales, online retailers are becoming saver in these days.

Security of eCommerce what is?

We all know online shopping is famous in the modern world, but you forget about roughly 8 out of 10 are currently online stores? In 2003, when less than 25% of Americans are trusted on the internet to make purchasing good and services. Since that today time, many improvements been made day by days. Including advancements in SSL certificates for online platforms.

Social media hold much power from other sources in eCommerce

Anyone around the world who operates a successful business they can know the power of social media, today many of social media handler use Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp and many other social media platforms. In a nutshell, they are using all these platforms as cash cows that keep churning out the money! The fact of social media is that Us-based small and mid businesses use Facebook and Instagram or a similar platform to grow our business in sales and marketing.

Importance of shopping cart:

A struggle of all online retailers deal with a shopping cart is abandonment, this is possible when potential consumers add a product to their shopping cart only for the store it and not make its payments. While many customers use the shopping cart as their favourite list.

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