Pay Per Click Marketing

This is modern technique to develop clicks to website using search engine advertising. Google Ads is popular PPC model, Google permit its users to write short proposal on keywords whenever a search is made google from bundle of advertisers and select some based-on quality of keyword, size of proposal, caliber of ad texts. Based on Ad Rank of advertiser product of willingness to pay highest amount on advertisement and standard score. Advertiser appear in ad space in search page.

Whenever ad is clicked send visitor to advertiser website for every visit of visitor advertiser pay a small allowance to search engine. Small allowance paid is insignificant as visitor visit convert into leads is more worthy.


Google lessen cost based on finest quality ad and greater click rates on advertisement. PPC marketing has proved to be fruitful for searchers searching product and services advertised relevant to their needs. Google according to searched keywords and ad text, filter advertisement to place in ad space . Visitor visit more on advertisement and result in lead conversion as it caters to their needs.

Significance of keywords research for pay per click marketing!

Keyword research is crucial as pay-per click marketing is root on keywords. Based on quality keywords Google filter out some advertiser to be place on ad space. For this advertisers constantly filter keyword list using varied tools to boost traffic to site. Keywords should be relevant and comprehensive.

Our pay per click marketing procedure

Our experts in pay per click marketing assist you to reach target audience satisfying visitor needs. We acknowledge keywords how to use in ad text to make it sound effective. We compose ad text sound effective and catchy that makes your advertisement reside in search page ad space.

Research keywords
Ad formation
Landing page evolution
Account build up
Discover, installation and measurement
Campaign start
Detect accomplishment
Campaign evaluation
Inspection and reporting

Why pay per click marketing?

Advertise directly to target audience .
Discoverable and measurable.
Prompt impact.
Brand exhibition is customer eyeball.
Advertise world wide.
Allowance only when people click.
Reach true-blue customer at right time.