Search Engine optimizations services

We bring Brand Credibility to you!

SEO is action of revamp your website to enhance true-blue customer traffic from search engines, improve user experience together with trust. We at JK technology employ best SEO services with modern digital perform to enhance organic traffic to site for searched keywords.

Our pundit professional prior slog fully understand business requirement, goals ,services offered and target audiences.

Competitive study, site go through content analysis detect traffic and ranking, backing also develop tailored seo strategy. Our expert in seo services acknowledge use of keywords and phrases that rank you top in search engine results drive business to site.


JK technology SEO Services

Developing Realistic Strategy

Our experts in seo service backing you acknowledge your business requirement. Develop realistic strategy having extensively competitive study, market audience study ,content analysis and monitor traffic assist us to develop plan to boost traffic to site.

Research keyword & phrases

Our experts know which keyword and mainly how to use keywords build appealing content that rank you top in search engine gain trust in customer eyeball ,bolster true-blue customer traffic.

SEO inspection

We to remain competitive follow industry best technical and digital practices. We provide SEO inspection that analysis technical issues hinder website ranking on search engines also obstruct search engines to index web pages for brand visibility.

On-Page SEO

Our experts to make your website search engine friendly provide on-page SEO service. We give structure to website regulating elements of websites, refining content relevant to business field satisfying customer interrogation ,enhance search engine ranking.

Google Penalty Recovery

Our expert assists your website recover from google penalties like Panda & Penguin arise from inferior content and inferior backlinks. Penalties result in lost ranking. We at JK technology aids you to regain true-blue customer traffic with constant review on backlinks.

Content Creation

Refine content is crucial in getting website at top in search engine in satisfying customer interrogation .We create refine content that boost traffic to site by use of engaging keyword relevant to business field.

Social Media Promotion

Social Media is significant tool to reach out target audience. In the present age of smartphone and digitalization each & everyone use social media as a tool for promoting content to endure in competitive market.

Monthly reporting and inspection

Our expert to perceive change bring by refine SEO plan ,provide monthly reporting on leads conversion, web analytics ,increase in profit which matters in maintaining lead position in competitive market.