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E-commerce stands for electronic commerce is the source of electronically purchasing and selling of products and services buy online these all work on internet. Electronic commerce is way or technology which is work on mobile and desktop in today time. There is different ways of using an eCommerce platforms like mobile e-commerce, electric money transfer, supply services, online marketing, online fund processing and many more e-commerce services. Modern eCommerce typically uses the www. (world wide web) for one part of a transaction’s life cycle. Other technology such as e-mail.


Categories of our modern e-commerce development Services:

• Business-to-Business (B2B) B2B e-commerce…
• Business-to-Consumer (B2C) …
• Consumer-to-Business (C2B) …
• Business-to-Administration (B2A) …
• Consumer-to-Administration (C2A)

Top five technologies which boost e-commerce most:

1. Ubiquitous e-commerce and 24/7 sales

2. Digital supply chain

3. AI-powered personalization

4. Demand-driven forecasting

5. New payment services

Infrastructure for E-commerce:

Three mainly uses in e-commerce infrastructure is the internet, web and mobile.
Mainly seven keys for e-commerce infrastructure:

1. Marketing:  In e-commerce elements marketing is most important, to achieve targets from the audience or customers another thing is a website where customers visit for our needs to keep them complete from you. It’s done by the marketing team. Marketing team check also that website design, social handles, research marketing, emails or other ways of advertising.

2. Facilities:   Big advantage of eCommerce is that businesses have brick and mortar stores, these businesses is able to invest in physical facilities. Sometimes you can grow your business from the home office, basement, or from your individual place. You can take support with employees. If you plan to set up a new business in drop ship or outsource fulfilment then you require proper office place at your home or commercial.

3.Customer service:  Today in the modern world many choices for delivering best- quality customer services. You can maintain these services from your house or other third party sources, some customer services like for sales and post-sales activities can be managed via email and phone support but for smaller companies, it’s not supportive. Some mid or big businesses can use the live chat which will Impact on operations- be sure to impact on your firm or organization.

4.Information technology:   When the plan to start an eCommerce business platform is important decisions. If you want to build and host your own system then jktechnology, Ecommerce Development Company provides you best outsource the development and management going forward, or use a hosted also, software as a service platform that is turn-key.
If you make your own host on your systems you require more funds for upfront and skilled and developers on your staff. By SaaS platform, you can’t require to host or build to manage the system in the house, but you need support team like some developers, technicians to manage them.

Our vision what we do in E-commerce development

As a Ecommerce Development Company, we make most competitive storefront design, desire development with full of customizations, and marketing solutions, SEO, social media management. We extend to unlimited and boundaries of offering to create realistic shopping experiences.